June 23, 2024

The different boots have different connotations: military such as waterproof military boots for instance, biker, skinhead, musician, handyman, farmer, cowboy, etc. They come in many forms and can be more elegant than the most formal shoes (and with even more presence). Putting on a tailored formal boot adds a stylish Tommy Shelby look.

Notice the details of the boot that the character wears in the photo above. There’s a reason he chose this type of black boot over the boots he certainly wore while serving in the British Army in World War I. Concerned about his image and eager to leave behind the image of cheating gypsies to enter high society, he has to follow the rules of elegance expected of someone in that position.

Men’s fashion isn’t so rigid today, but we’ve inherited some details that help us match our outfits. These rules are not there to limit. You should think of them as an enabling guide to make your decision process more efficient. One of the most important tips is to pay attention to the final harmony of the clothes and accessories you wear.

We are not talking about color harmony or styles. You don’t need to wear a full uniform. The combination I’m talking about here is levels of formality. Every outfit and shoe is more or less formal, and the safest way to get a man’s boot right and what to wear with it is to wear clothes at the same level of formality.

The importance of the right combination is especially evident in formal attire, where the rules of elegance are stricter. You don’t have much to go on, especially if it’s a conservative business environment. If you show up with a much more casual boot than your suit and tie, you will attract attention and send an unwanted message to colleagues in this environment. As we move down the formality scale, however, the shoe becomes one of the essential factors in a “look” overall. When exchanging a sneaker for a boot, the rest of the clothes take on a different tone.

The good thing is that when the attire is casual, you have many options. The bad thing is that there are more chances of making mistakes with many variables. So you’re more likely to do well if you follow certain principles and combine elements with the same degree of formality. This is where that practical menswear fashion lives, “being well dressed” (but without much individuality). If you have a sharper eye, you can distance the degree of casualness between one piece and another to create a personal style. This is where the people we consider “stylish” are, but we can’t say precisely why.

The more contrast between the various pieces of your look, the harder it is to get right. However, the reward for the hit is higher. The few people who can do this are often considered quite stylish. Here, pass those who think of fashion to express a creative vision. They are always considered “weird” or “different” by the majority. The cut, texture, and color are some of the details that determine the formality of an outfit. Next, I’ll show you the ones that, in my opinion, determine how casual a boot is.