June 23, 2024

Hot Deals UK is an online community-based website acting as a deals platform that allows anyone to share their in-store offers and expertise and sell their product to buyers. It is the best platform that benefits both merchant and user. This website profits the merchant by advertising his offer online and making him sell his in-store item. On other hand, the consumers find the website as an easy way to get multiple deals on the product they wish to buy. They can also purchase a product at a price cheaper than the market price which others offer. 

Different Deal Tabs on the Website

There is a menu bar on the top right corner of the web page. The menu bar consists of four main sections and a buyer’s guide. The First is the Deals tab. It consists of mixed deals starting with the latest to the oldest ones posted on the website. The second is the Vouchers Codes. This helps the users to find more vouchers from merchants and shop things at a very cheaper rate. The third is the Freebies tab. This offers some products free of cost. The fourth is the discussions tab. This tab provides information about merchants, stories from users, and the chats made by community people about the deal offered. This gives an idea about the offer and makes users mingle with the community and share their reviews online. 

In addition to these tabs, the most important is the search bar in the hot deals UK. This makes the users easily search for the products they wish to buy. The website is SEO optimized. Hence users can find the best deals which are more often searched by the users. 

There is a highlight page which is the entry point for all users. All the latest deals are rendered to the users on this page. 

What does the website offer a merchant?

The merchant must log in to the website and post a deal that he offers. There are two different posts available for a deal that the merchant wants to make. It can be simply a deal or a voucher. Dealer must also specify all the required details before posting a deal. Merchant also has the advantage to compare his cost with other deals and also to edit the posts they have once posted. 

Special Features that Hot Deals UK provide

There is a temperature mean on a deal, which contains the opinions of the users in the community about certain deals. This is very helpful for a user to know whether a particular deal is reliable or not. Every user can vote for a deal. The hot temperature means a positive vote while a cold temperature means a negative vote. Comment option is also there, which helps the users to share their reviews there. 

The Hot Deal UK also offers alert notifications to its users. Users can go to their profile and add the keyword in the My Alerts tab. Then they will be notified when a new deal is posted. Users are also allowed to subscribe to a specific deal of their interest.