7 Responses to “Rocklahoma’s Camp Debauchery”

  1. Bart Sallee says:

    so glad to see all the homegrown talent that will be represented at DEBAUCHERY this year……for all those around the nation that claim ''no good rock in okla''……..F**K YOU.

    • John Cardello says:

      That’s so true brother. There is a lot of talent right here in Oklahoma. I have had the opportunity to either run sound for them or perform with these great bands that no one knows about. So I’m with ya brother F@#$K YOU

    • DANIEL A. says:

      Hell yeah Bart. Its going to be one hell of a good show!

  2. Clint says:

    In Union from Oklahoma City, featuring Jesse Davis of the Nixons (http://www.inunionband.com) has been added to the lineup, Saturday morning bright and early at 10:00 AM! Look forward to seeing some morning rockers out jamming with us!

  3. dick b. says:

    i’ve seen wrathogen solace play a few times. very cool band. wish i was going.

  4. Well this just sux now that the entire camp has been cancelled! WTF?

  5. Renee Boyer says:

    Camp Jager had the balls to not cancel based on rumors. Its a good thing they did cancel after checking out the Camp Jager Stage. It rocked hard and was a bad ass stage.

    Renee Boyer
    Rock Addict Radio

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