Parx Casino Serves Up a Winning Hand with Pennsylvania Video Poker

One of the most exciting casino games can now be played online for real money at Parx Casino. Pennsylvania video poker is legal to play online for all residents of the state that are 21 years of age or older.

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Introducing Pennsylvania Video Poker

Video poker has become one of the most popular casino games worldwide. This is not a surprise given the simplicity of the game and its low house edge. The game combines elements of draw poker and slot machines, two staples of casino gambling.

Players don’t need to know much about draw poker or slots to enjoy the game. The results are random, but having some knowledge of basic poker strategy won’t hurt. Video poker is also a game than can often be played for as little as $0.25 per deal.

The History of Video Poker Games

It was in 1970 that video poker began to appear alongside slot machines in Las Vegas. It soon became a favorite of players who discovered that the machines typically pay better than a regular slot machine.

Thirty years later it was common to find video poker lounges in all major live casinos, and today players can enjoy Pennsylvania video poker on a computer, phone, or tablet right from the comfort of home.

Online video poker is played exactly the same as it is played in live casinos, and players have the same great chance to win. There are many advantages of playing online. Players don’t have to travel to a live casino where the noise is loud. They also don’t have to wait for a seat to open up at their favorite video poker game.

The Rules of Video Poker in Pennsylvania

The rules of Pennsylvania video poker are simple. The player begins the game by making a wager. The wager must be equal to or more than the game’s minimum. Players who choose to bet the max amount have a chance to win the game’s largest jackpot.

After a bet has been made the player is dealt a poker hand of five cards. The player is trying to make the best five-card poker hand with the cards that have been dealt. The player can choose to keep any or all of the cards and draw new cards for any that have been discarded.

Once the new cards have been drawn the player is paid if a winning poker hand has been made. Most video poker games require the player to have a pair of jacks or better to qualify for a payout. The payouts increase according to the rank of the hands. The royal flush is the highest hand in the game. It gives the player the largest payout.

Mobile Video Poker Games

Video poker games today can also be played on a number of mobile devices. Players can play the video poker games from Parx Casino on a phone or tablet. The games are compatible with both iOS and Android devices. There is no download required to play the games on a mobile device.

Many players find that the mobile version of video poker at Parx Casino has the advantage of being more convenient. The player can enjoy the game anywhere that data service is available for their mobile device.

Parx Casino has established itself as the best place to play online video poker today. Online gambling at Parx Casino is fair and regulated by the Pennsylvania Gaming Control Board.

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